About the SCI Product Certification scheme

SCI operates a certification system which covers product certification (the product which leaves the manufacturer) and the design of complete buildings which utilise those products. These complementary schemes provide reassurance to specifiers, end clients and other interested parties that the certified building products meet specified requirements and that the building design follows appropriate procedures. SCI’s scheme for modular units is recognised as partially satisfying the technical requirements of the NHBC Accepts assessment for prefabricated building units. Discussion with other warranty providers and for other product types is on-going.

A comprehensive certificate details the performance characteristics of the product, so that similar products can be readily compared and verified for their intended end use.

SCI certification schemes are:

  • Developed by the experts, in collaboration with manufacturers, clients and regulators;
  • Recognised by warranty providers;
  • Comprehensive, requiring robust evidence that products meet specified product requirements.

Product certification

SCI have developed certification schemes for a number of steel-based products used in construction. For each scheme, the product requirements are defined in a Technical Scheme Document, prepared with input from manufacturers, designers, warranty providers and clients. SCI’s product certification schemes follow the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

UKAS accreditation

SCI operate two schemes accredited by UKAS.

The first scheme covers self-supporting modular building units comprising walls, floors and ceilings.

The second scheme covers prefabricated steel panels, used as walls (loadbearing or infill), floors and ceilings.



In addition, SCI have a fully detailed scheme (not accredited by UKAS) for the design of buildings. This scheme covers the assessment of the entire design process from design loads to completed structure, as set out in the Building Regulations.  The combination of product certification and building design assessment provides comprehensive coverage of every aspect of a complete structure.

The SCI system currently covers:


Why SCI?

SCI has been a trusted, independent source of information and engineering expertise on all forms of steel construction for over 30 years. Who better to certify a steel product and system?

Building on the success of our SCI Assessed scheme, SCI Product Certification gives assurance that a product meets all specified requirements.

SCI Product Certification operates under strict procedures, competence assessments and training requirements. It is subject to scrutiny by an Impartiality Committee to verify that SCI Product Certification activities are undertaken in an impartial, independent and consistent manner.

How the scheme works

SCI’s product certification system follows the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065 and is documented in a Quality Manual, Operating Procedures and Records.

Within the certification system, SCI has developed schemes for modular building units, steel panels and building design. The performance requirements for products are specified in Technical Scheme Documents (TSD) against which a manufacturer is assessed by SCI.

Manufacturers are required to submit evidence that their product conforms to the TSD in all respects, including an audit of the manufacturing facility. Specified product requirements are definitive, not matters of opinion or subjective judgement. If the manufacturer demonstrates that the product conforms to the product requirements, a certificate will be issued by SCI.

Surveillance assessments and manufacturing audits are undertaken to examine on-going product conformity.

Scheme Requirements

The scheme requirements

Product requirements are set out in a Technical Scheme Document (TSD). The product (including component materials, design, details and manufacturing processes) must conform to the TSD in every respect for SCI to issue a certificate.

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Fees and how to apply

Fees depend on the scope of the assessment. To apply for certification, email certification@steel-sci.com

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