Policy Statement on the use Of SCI Product Certification Logo

SCI encourages its certification clients to use the SCI Product Certification Logo on:

  • Packaging and Product Literature (for certified products)
  • Websites
  • Letterhead, Envelopes, Compliments Slips, Business Cards, Invoices.
  • Advertising, Display, Promotional Material
  • Vehicles, Buildings and Flags

The Logo may only be used in conjunction with the products covered by the SCI Product Certificate.

The Logo must only be used in such a way that it is clear which specific products / services have been assessed and certified as compliant under the Scheme. The Logo may not be used in such a way as to imply the scope of products / services assessed and certified is greater than it actually is.

The Logo must not be published until a certificate has been issued by SCI for the relevant products.

The Logo must only be used in conjunction with the standard or scheme reference, plus the certificate number which will identify the certified member of the scheme. Definitive examples of our logos, as templates, are available from SCI.

The client must not use the Logo in a way that could adversely affect the reputation of the scheme or other clients of the scheme.

Upon termination of the certificate the client must immediately cease use of any certification Logo and remove it from all promotional material.

A current list of certified members entitled to use the relevant Logo is available on the SCI Product Certification website https://www.scicerts.com

All Logos remain the intellectual property of SCI.

In using the Logo, the user agrees to be bound by the above conditions. Failure to comply with the above conditions for use of the Logo may result in legal action

How the scheme works

The SCI product certification schemes are based on a quality system which follows the requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17065.

The principles and requirements of the system are documented within the Product Certification Quality Manual. The processes of assessment and certification are documented within the Product Certification Procedures and associated documentation which are being reviewed for accreditation by UKAS. In addition, an independent committee has been established to ensure that SCI certification activities are undertaken in an impartial, independent and open manner.

Scheme Requirements

The scheme requirements

The scheme requirements are set out in a series of Technical Scheme Documents (TSDs) that describe specific evaluation requirements for product groups.

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Fees and how to apply

Fees depend on a number of factors including the type and scope of assessment required.

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